Friday, March 30, 2012

Call of Duty: My personal experience

     I lived for years under the impression that Call of Duty (beyond WaW) was all pre-teens who love to swear and make fart noises over a microphone, have high stats and still suck when a seasoned FPS player comes in , having never played before, and wasn't near as "hardcore" as the neck beards over at Machinima make it out to be......
I was right.
     Face it, the game is nice fast paced fun, but there isn't a whole lot of skill involved besides knowing where people go and seeing the enemy first. It isn't hardcore by any stretch of the imagination, and there are friends of mine who don't play many video games at all, and still play call of duty. I will admit, it doesn't "suck." Though it is, of scenarios, one of the least realistic FPS games in multiplayer, along with being the exact same game from MW2-BO-MW3-BO2. I can say for sure it's getting more hate than it needs, but plenty of the claims against it are true. A personal complaint is the lack of servers, just joining games until you manage to find someone to friend you. Oh well, back to TF2 and Cstrike.

Remember, first to comment with an idea dictates what the next rant is about!

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  1. Hahaha, This is the exact reason why i stopped playing the Modern Warfare series because it was no longer about who had more skill, it was about who had a better ping and a marginally better reaction time.

  2. Servers are really bad on mw3 game isn't great either.
    I played it for a bout 2 months on release and during that time i played about 4 games that were fun LOL
    You walk round a corner and die...
    then on the killcam there's some guy running round the corner running past you turning round and killing you before hes even shown up on your screen haha.
    Its not always that bad but that combined with some people that do not die... somehow they take 6x more bullets to kill than everyone else and can easily kill you in 2 or 3 bullets??
    As far a s my connection goes i can play any other game just fine,the game is just a rage generator >:( cant even play it for more than an hour any more, also don't wish to ;D

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    1. I love COD.!/MemeDoctor

  4. There is just too much stuff going on in CoD now to be tactical. So much shit flying around because of killstreaks, grenades everywhere, the maps are way to small to support 18 people or whatever it is. And the lag. Even if you have 100 ms you're still gonna end up screaming 'I FUCKING SHOT HIM FIRST' at your computer.
    S&D is the only game type that is somewhat bearable.

  5. cod4 = best FPS in history.
    they arent all bad but since mw2 came out they went to shit with the little kids playing

  6. Looking forward to new posts! :D!/MemeDoctor

    1. :D :D!/MemeDoctor

  7. Cod4 has to be my favorite out of the series because it is the most different and most balanced. MW2 and MW3 are majorly unbalanced

  8. MW2 was the best by far... Danger Close was the only killer.... Good rant though, thoroughly enjoyed!

  9. UPDATESSSS!/MemeDoctor

  10. Amen...
    <--doesnt play MW series anymore.


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