Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rune Rant

     What a mess. The KING of draining your mom's credit card back in the day was Runescape. It was the American Maplestory at giving you free game play but slowing down your play on the family computer to require absolute dedication of your childhood soul until it dried you to the point of correct speech in the real world. Hell, that's all my gang would talk about in school, late Elementary and Middle. The biggest problem was the membership program. For five dollars a month you could gain access to 90% of the game you were missing until that point! You'd walk to a patch of dirt and you wouldn't be allowed to dig in it, because you aren't a member. You couldn't fall down that hole: you weren't a member. And sometimes you'd even get to a point of a quest where the item you get is "member's item" as in you could never complete the quest because you weren't a member. What a dreadful way to live. But we all did it...

Remember, first to comment with an idea dictates what the next rant is about!

Until next time...


  1. Ha bro I just quit that shit last summer good riddance I say. A solid 8 years though.

  2. I have never played this game... Don't plan on int either lol

  3. I played runescape in surges. i'd play for a year, take a break, play for a year, take a break. etc. Im happy i no longer feel the need to play that game. It's time consuming and it's biggest attraction point is you can level soo many things up.


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