Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rollover ads and top comments...

     YouTube has always been one of my favorite Web sites to mingle and get ideas from, but lately, the amount of noob partners who flood the space with useless ads are starting to get repetitive. Kids with a Macbook start making videos with their webcams and rack in some views just because of abusing tag algorithms. It's disgusting. The talent is lacking, the informativeness is covered up by squeaky voices and young faces, and they still manage partnership. The ads they service are also getting out of control. Rollovers start being less like what you want to see through the internet, and more related to your IP address and your locality. They have that choice through partnership, and it gives you ads you have no interest in seeing. Instead of seeing a nice ad about deals for Ableton live products through nextag or amazon, I'm getting stuff about online degrees and structured settlement choices. It's a real bugger.

     The top comments today, I can't even understand. People stopped commenting on videos for publicity and criticism, to just making some kind of witty joke to get thumbs. All this nonsense about Darth Vader's light-saber and arrows in the knee. At least they had the decency to fix the reply operation so you can see who said what.

Remember, first to comment with an idea dictates what the next rant is about!

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  1. Yeah, i believe the Vlog generation is a disgrace to the internet. It's not just the pre-teen kids who are doing it. Essentially if you are a female with a nice rack, just record a video response to every video you can and make the thumbnail the most incriminating still from the review and make a giant arrow pointing to your tits. Bam instant fame. People hate you but you make wads of cash while teenagers try to watch your cleavage.

    I Monetized my youtube account long before changes which made it so easy. I worked hard and busted my ass off to provide meaningful and educational content to the community and still do.

    1. I agree man, I told my girlfriend to try doing that once. She got 18,000 views over night. Something is wrong there lol.

  2. I fucking hate those stupid reviews girls make telling you everyone you just watched and already know about

  3. Ironically, the ad below this when I went to comment was a youtube ad :P

  4. all i use youtube for myself now is music, okok maybe a few random videos all they want you to do is "rate comment and subscribe"
    -waves fist angrily-


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