Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Really? This is a social network!

Facebook, man, it's getting out of hand.

       I'm sure at least one of you has seen it: A random kid with a big need for likes on a picture. And it's all for the wrong reasons. It's gone from simple kindheartedness to be shared, all the way to a trashy way to manipulate human sympathy to those less fortunate. From cancer to Progeria, abortion to girlfriend abuse, there's at least 500 random nobodys looking for likes on the blue page. It's become disgusting to wake up one morning and get a mass of rotting fetuses and starving African skeletons bunched up in my news feed, each one with likes breaching 6 digits. The benefits of having many likes on a picture of yours doesn't seem to have any form of physical benefit, much like having subscribers on Facebook. It could use a cup of bleach and some abolishing.

     The other problem is the numerous pages that have recently sprung up, all about teen beauty. I'm unsure who starts these, but I wouldn't doubt it for a second if it were just a man looking for some masturbation material. Essentially, kids from age 11-17 get up to willingly show their face/body, etc. to the internet of millions. Not only is this a bad idea altogether, due to human attractiveness surveying differing to each individual human, but trolls get a field day. Nothing's more satisfying than getting a free-reel of photos you can openly criticize and ruin the esteem of. Another pollutant of my once-worthy page of finding out what my friends actually do when I'm not in the presence.

Remember, first to comment with an idea dictates what the next rant is about!

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  1. fucking pisses me off. "LIK DIS IF U CRI EVER TIM" but more serious. women these days >_>

  2. I agree with a lot of your points. It becomes even more difficult for me as i have family who is a bit Naive to the concept of "like fishing" so they're more than happy to re-post those foul statuses and then criticize me for not doing the same. Maybe one day they'll realize.

    Unfortunately What is happening to Facebook now, is what caused Myspace to crash and burn. I'm willing to bet that we'll be seeing a paradigm shift in the popularity of two social networks in the very near future. The one that gets insanely popular will have next to no features and slowly start to become facebook and myspace... again. You should cover Twitter next or better yet, youtube. Followed amigo.

  3. Nice post, I'm following you. Can't wait to see more content!

  4. yeah youtube with its bullshit top comments and annoying vloggers

  5. This is why I don't associate myself with social network sites since myspace lol! Following

  6. you sir are correct.youtube has to many advertisements now'a days.

  7. Ye they should scrap those websites so annoying full of bs


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