Saturday, April 7, 2012

Online Skill Teaching: Something's Wrong

     Sorry for the hiatus, but something grabbed my attention when trying to advance in musical skill as that is my intended profession. This thing caused me to write about it. We all know there exist little online free teaching courses for things such as how to play the piano and learning the guitar. They all happen to start with basic music theory, which is completely unnecessary to a person of my specifications. The worst part about it is not a single one of these online teaching courses even goes beyond that. There's no teaching within it, no form of technical coaching, just songs that get progressively harder. While that is a part of learning an instrument, it's not how to learn an instrument. No one ever benefits from these near as much as going to that monthly one day music classroom in 2nd grade. Sure, I can get better at the piano just by playing more difficult songs along a straight graph,but I'm not learning the instrument as I am learning a song. Ugh, these people need to follow guidelines like those of the free drawing courses, because a few of them are amazing.

Remember, first to comment with an idea dictates what the next rant is about!

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  1. Watch this, i can play the piano *plays a song*

    (other person) ok now improv.

    Uhhhhhhhh i only know that song


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